It shall stand the wear of the ear and eye. Moll flanders mission, to strike
and move their audience, and unite in the moment. In each heartbeat, each
melody and sound.

Moll flanders from the deep woods of Småland Sweden is an explosive live
act and should be experienced live. Moll Flanders plays generous rock, indie
and pop music which fills a colourful emotional spectra with both ups and
downs, from euphoria to serenity. A well balanced sound with a lot of surprises
shows Moll Flanders true identity in their musical journey through timeless and
alternative influences.

As the singer Mathias said on stage having forgotten the zipper of his pants down.
”It’s hard too look cool when your store is open”. With open minds and treasure
songs the band and the audience all pull it off together no matter what happens.
Moll flanders compass is pointing at you!